Trust Me, I’m Lying – Ryan Holiday

Trust Me, I'm Lying cover

Publication : 2012

Lu : 15 septembre 2019

Où : Paris

Recommandation : 4/5

Pages : 288


The Painful prologue

Book One: Feeding The Monster: How Blogs Work

  1. Blogs Make the News
  2. How to Turn Nothing into Something in Three Way-Too-Easy Steps
  3. The Blog Con: How Publishers Make Money Online
  4. Tactic #1: Bloggers are Poor; Help Pay their Bills
  5. Tactic #2: Tell Them What They Want to Hear
  6. Tactic #3: Give Them What Spreads, Not What’s Good
  7. Tactic #4: Help Them Trick Their Readers
  8. Tactic #5: Sell Them Something They Can Sell (Exploit the one-off Problem)
  9. Tactic #6: Make it All About the Headline
  10. Tactic #7: Kill ’em with Pageview Kindness
  11. Tactic #8: Use the Technology Against itself
  12. Tactic #9: Just Make Stuff up (Everyone Else is Doing It)

Book Two: The Monster Attacks: What Blogs Mean

  1. Irin Carmon, The Daily Show, and me: The Perfect Storm of how Toxic Blogging can be
  2. There are Others: The Manipulator Hall of Fame
  3. Cute but Evil: Online Entertainment Tactics That Drug You And Me
  4. The Link Economy: The Leveraged Illusion of Sourcing
  5. Extortion Via the Web: Facing the Online Shakedown
  6. The Iterative Hustle: Online Journalism’s Bogus Philosophy
  7. The Myth of Corrections
  8. Cheering on our own Deception
  9. The Dark Side of Snark: When Internet Humor Attacks
  10. The 21st-Century Degradation Ceremony: Blogs as Machines of Hatred and Punishment
  11. Welcome to Unreality
  12. How to Read a Blog: An Update on Account of all the Lies

Conclusion: So…Where to From Here?


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