Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

20110607 Apple Park Project Presentation at Cupertino City Council

  • Apple Park is situated on the former HP Headquarters. Steve Jobs did a summer job.
  • 150 acres
  • 9500 ==> 13000 people in 1 building (+40%)
  • Space 2,6M m2 ==> 3,1M (+20%)
  • Landscape 1,7M ==> 5,9M (+350%)
    • 20% Landscape (rest is parking lots) ==> 80% Landscape (underground parkings)
  • 3700 Trees ==> 6000 Trees (+60%)
  • Main building, Parking lots, Energy Center (Primary source of power, grid as back-up), Auditorium, Fitness centers & R&D buildings
  • Building Footprint 1,4M ==> 1M (-30%)
  • Cafe will feed 3000 people in a sitting.

Q&A : what city residence can benefit from

  • Largest tax payer in Cupertino
  • Lots of different age/talented people that want to live nearby
  • Lot of people riding their bike
  • We run a bus service 20 Bus that run on bio-diesel fuel, that are the cleanest buses you can buy.
  • Less asphalte, lot more trees.

I think we do have a shot at building the best office building in the world. I really do think that architecture students will come here to see this. I think it could be that good.

Steve Jobs


We want to submit plan quickly, breakground next year and move in in 2015.

WWDC 2011

  • Mac OS X Lion
  • iOS 5
  • iCloud : the center of your digital life. Your digital hub.
    • The Mac isn’t the hub anymore but becomes a device like the iPhone or the iPad.
    • Calendar, Contact, Mail, Apps, iBooks
    • Daily Back Up : iPhone Settings, photos…
    • iWorks, Photos & Music
    • 5 Go free for Mail, Documents & Backup.
    • iTunes Match : match ripped (own) songs on iTunes library to get the iTunes Store version.

If you don’t think we are serious about this [iCloud], you’re wrong.

Steve Jobs

20100601 All Things Digital 8

C’est l’une des interview que j’ai regardé le plus de fois, au moins 7 ou 8 minimum. Il y a énormément d’éléments très intéressant sur sa vision du futur de la technologie, sur la résolution de problèmes, sur les sujets sociaux, la presse, le produit et l’environnement.

Steve Return to Apple

Because I bleed in 6 colors. That was code for I love what this place stood for.

3’40” Choice of technology to implement : Flash & Adobe example

  • The way we’ve succeeded is by choosing what horses to ride very carefully, technicaly.
  • Technology can of go in cycles. They have their srpings, summers, autumns and go to the graveyard of technology. So we try to pick tehcnology that are in their srpings.
  • Thoughts on flash
  • 11′ Market listening and decision : Product are Packages and Emphasis, want to make great product, customers pay us to make those choices, and try to make the best product we can
  • 14’50” iPhone prototype Stolen/Left in a bar : Reaction how they treat this kind of things
  • 19′ Foxconns (suicide) : new kind of factory, suicide rate comparisons, what do they do, try to understand before say we have solutions.
  • 22′ Platforms concurences/war : how do he saw this : We enver saw ourselves in a platform war with microsoft, maybe that’s why we lost [laught]. We always saw ourself trying to build the best computers we know how to build for people.
  • 24’13” How about Google : They decided to compete with us, and so they are.
  • 24’50” Browsers and opensourced project Webkit