So Good They Can’t Ignore You – Cal Newport

Recommandation : 5/5

Publication originale : 2012

Lu : 3 avril 2020

Pages : 304



Rule #1: Don’t Follow Your Passion

  • Chapter One: The “Passion” of Steve Jobs
  • Chapter Two: Passion Is Rare
  • Chapter Three: Passion Is Dangerous

Rule #2: Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You (Or, the Importance of Skill)

  • Chapter Four: The Clarity of the Craftsman
  • Chapter Five: The Power of Career Capital
  • Chapter Six: The Career Capitalists
  • Chapter Seven: Becoming a Craftsman
  • Summary of Rule #2

Rule #3: Turn Down a Promotion (Or, the Importance of Control)

  • Chapter Eight: The Dream-Job Elixir
  • Chapter Nine: The First Control Trap
  • Chapter Ten: The Second Control Trap
  • Chapter Eleven: Avoiding the Control Traps
  • Summary of Rule #3

Rule #4: Think Small, Act Big (Or, the Importance of Mission)

  • Chapter Twelve: The Meaningful Life of Pardis Sabeti
  • Chapter Thirteen: Missions Require Capital
  • Chapter Fourteen: Missions Require Little Bets
  • Chapter Fifteen: Missions Require Marketing
  • Summary of Rule #4



Extraits brut du livre

Career Capital

“Importance of the craftsman mindset : the traits that make a great job great are rare and valuable, and therefore, if you want a great job, you need to build up rare and valuable skills—which I call career capital—to offer in return.”

Traits that define Great Work

  • Creativity
  • Impact
  • Control

Basic economic theory

If you want something that’s both rare and valuable, you need something rare and valuable to offer in return—this is Supply and Demand 101.


Build career capital : something you are good at and that’s relevent for the company before having too much control.

You need something valuable to offer in return for this powerful trait. In other words, she tried to obtain control without any capital to offer in return, and ended up with a mere shadow of real autonomy. Ryan of Red Fire Farm, by contrast, avoided this trap by building up a decade’s worth of relevant career capital before taking the dive into full-time farming.

Law of Remarkability

“For a mission-driven project to succeed, it should be remarkable in two different ways. First, it must compel people who encounter it to remark about it to others. Second, it must be launched in a venue that supports such remarking.”