20190723 Snap Inc. Q2 2019 Earnings

+13 million Daily Active Users ==> 203 million DAUs

Jeremi Gorman – Chief Business Officer
“From the outset, Snapchat has been designed to create the feeling of a natural conversation. It’s a private conversation and communication that deletes by default and it’s not preserved for eternity”

Evan Spiegel – CEO
“And from the beginning, we’ve always embraced this idea of deletion by default, meaning that the content that you create and send to your friends is deleted after they’ve viewed it”.

Snap Map

Evan Spiegel – CEO
“On the Snap Maps front, we really set out to explore this opportunity of creating a personal map. We noticed that so many people, when they open their phone, they have the exact same map, even though their personal experiences of the world are so different — they live in different places, they hang out with different friends, they have different favorite places to go. And so, I think as we’ve been on this journey, the first place we really started was bringing your friends into the map and allowing you to interact with them.”.