Purple Cow – Seth Godin

Purple Cow Cover

Publication : 2002

Lu : 6 janvier 2019

Où : Amsterdam et Paris

Recommandation : 3/5

Pages : 224


  1. Not Enough Ps
  2. The New P
  3. Boldfaced Words And Gutsy Assertions
  4. Before, During, And After
  5. The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread
  6. Did You Notice The Revolution?
  7. Why You Need The Purple Cow
  8. The Death Of The TV-Industrial Complex
  9. Before and After
  10. Consider The Beetle
  11. What Works?
  12. Why The Wall Street Journal Annoys Me So Much
  13. Awareness Is Not The Point
  14. The Will And The Way
  15. Case Study: Going Up?
  16. Case Study: What Should Tide Do?
  17. Getting In
  18. Ideas That Spread, Win
  19. The Big Misunderstanding
  20. Who’s Listening?
  21. Cheating
  22. Who Cares?
  23. Not All Customers Are The Same
  24. The Law Of Large Numbers
  25. Case Study: Chip Conley
  26. The Problem With The Cow
  27. Follow The Leader
  28. Case Study: The Aeron Chair
  29. Projections, Profits, And The Purple Cow
  30. Case Study: The Best Baker In The World
  31. Mass Marketers Hate To Measure
  32. Case Study: Logitech
  33. Who Wins In The World Of The Cow
  34. Case Study: A New Kind Of Kiwi
  35. The Benefits Of Being The Cow
  36. Case Study: The Italian Butcher
  37. Wall Street and The Cow
  38. The Opposite Of “Remarkable”
  39. The Pearl In The Bottle
  40. The Parody Paradox
  41. Seventy-two Pearl Jam Albums
  42. Case Study: Curad
  43. Sit There, Don’t Just Do Something
  44. Case Study: United States Postal Service
  45. In Search Of Otaku
  46. Case Study: Now Dutch Boy Stirred Up The Paint Business
  47. Case Study: Krispy Kreme
  48. The Process And The Plan
  49. The Power Of A Slogan
  50. Case Study: The Häagen-Dazs In Bronxville
  51. Sell What People Are Buying (And Talking About!)
  52. The Problem With Compromise
  53. Case Study: Motorola And Nokia
  54. The Magic Cycle Of The Cow
  55. What It Means To Be A Marketer Today
  56. Marketers No Longer: Now We’re Designers
  57. What Does Howard Know?
  58. Do You Have To Be Outrageous To Be Remarkable?
  59. Case Study: McDonald’s France
  60. But What About The Factory?
  61. The Problem With Cheap
  62. Case Study: What Should Hallmark.com Do?
  63. When The Cow Look For A Job
  64. Case Study: Tracey The Publicist
  65. Case Study: Robyn Waters Gets It
  66. Case Study: So Popular, No One Goes There Anymore
  67. Is It About Passion?
  68. True Facts
  69. Brainstorms
  70. Salt Is Not Boring-Eight More Ways To Bring The Cow To Work
  71. Brand And Company Index
  72. What Would Orwell Say?