No More Mr. Nice Guy – Dr. Robert A. Glover

No More Mr. Nice Guy Cover

Publication : 2003

Lu : 11 février 2019

Où : Paris, Cancale, Saint-Anne (Martinique).

Recommandation : 3/5

Pages : 208



  1. The Nice Guy Syndrome
  2. The Making Of A Nice Guy
  3. Learn To Please The Only Person Who Really Matters
  4. Make Your Needs A Priority
  5. Reclaim Your Personal Power
  6. Reclaim Your Masculinity
  7. Get The Love You Want: Success Strategies For Intimate Relationships
  8. Get The Sex You Want: Success Strategies For Satisfying Sex
  9. Get the Life You Want: Discover Your Passion And Potential In Life, Work, And Career


Mes notes

Les Breaking Free Activity font réfléchir et changer ma vision.

La #28 m’a particulièrement touché :

“Embracing masculinity involves coming to see Dad more accurately. To facilitate this process, create a list. On the left side, list a number of your father’s characteristics. Write the opposite characteristic on the right side. Indicate where on the spectrum between the two that you see yourself.”


“I define intimacy as “knowing the self, being known by another, and knowing another.” Intimacy requires two people who are willing to courageously look inward and make themselves totally visible to another. Internalized toxic shame makes this kind of exposure feel life-threatening for Nice Guys.”

“If he was abandoned in childhood, he may choose partners who are unavailable or unfaithful.”


“For Nice Guys, sex is where all of their abandonment experiences, toxic shame, and dysfunctional survival mechanisms are focused and magnified.”

Good Sex

“Good sex consists of two people taking full responsibility for meeting their own needs. It has no goal. It is free of agendas and expectations. Rather than being a performance, it is an unfolding of sexual energy.

It is about two people revealing themselves in the most intimate and vulnerable of ways. Good sex occurs when two people focus on their own pleasure, passion, and arousal, and stay connected to those same things in their partner. All of these dynamics allow good sex to unfold in unpredictable, spontaneous, and memorable ways.”