Joy At Work – Marie Kondo, Scott Soneshein

Publication : 2020

Recommandation : 3/5



1 | Why Tidy ?
How Tidying My Workspace Changed My Life
Why Tidying Up Improves Work Performance
Are Messy People Really More Creative?
The High Cost of Nonphysical Clutter
Tidying Up Helps You Find a Sense of Purpose

2 | If You Keep Falling Back to Clutter
Visualizing Your Ideal Work Life
Tidy Up All in One Go and You’ll Never Rebound
Choosing What to Keep
Create an Environment Where You Can Focus
Let Your Tidying Festival Begin!

3 | Tidying Your Workspace
Books: Discover Your Values Through Tidying
Papers: The Basic Rule Is Discard Everything
Divide Komono into Subcategories
Sentimental Items
Desk Storage
How Tidying Up Can Change Your Life
Mifuyu’s Life-Changing Experience
From Tidying the Physical Aspects to Tidying the Nonphysical Aspects of Your Workspace

4 | Tidying Digital Work
You Don’t Need a Lot of Folders for Your Digital Documents
Use the Desktop to Delight
Don’t Let Email Take Over Your Work
Fewer Apps on Your Phone Means Fewer Distractions

5 | Tidying Time
Activity Clutter Disrupts Our Days
The Overearning Trap
The Urgency Trap
The Multitasking Trap
Make a Task Pile to Find Out What Your Actual Job Is
Evaluate Your Tasks to Make Your Job More Joyful
Don’t Be So Fast to Say Yes
Add a Daily Joy
Create a Clean Space on Your Calendar

6 | Tidying Decisions
Most Low-Stakes Decisions Don’t Deserve Your Time and Energy
Create a Pile of Medium-and High-Stakes Decisions
Sort Through Your Decision Pile
Tidying Choices: More Options Aren’t Always Better
Good Enough Is Good Enough for Most Decisions

7 | Tidying Your Network
How Big a Network Do You Need?
Evaluate Your Contacts to Identify Joy-Sparking Relationships
How to Make High-Quality Connections

8 | Tidying Meetings
Imagine Your Ideal Meeting
Gather Your Meetings
Separate Messy Meetings from Irrelevant Ones
Going to More Meetings Doesn’t Make You More Valuable
Anyone Can Bring More Joy to a Meeting
Run a Tidy Meeting

9 | Tidying Teams
Visualizing Your Ideal Team
Make a Teams Pile
Evaluate Your Teams Pile
Don’t Create Messes for Your Teammates
Trust Keeps Teams Tidy
Disagreements Don’t Always Make a Mess
Clean Up Personal Conflicts
Big Teams Are Usually Full of Clutter

10 | Sharing the Magic of Tidying
Let Your Tidying Inspire Others
Show Care for the Workplace
Treasure Your Coworkers

11 | How to Spark Even More Joy at Work
Caring for What We Keep Improves Work Performance
Adding More Joy to Your Workspace
Should You Change Your Job If It Doesn’t Spark Joy?
Enjoy the Process of Creating a Joyful Work Life
When the Fear of Others’ Opinions Holds You Back
Make Time for Honest Self-Reflection
Ways We Tidy Up Work as a Couple
Your Work and Your Life Are the Sum of Your Choices
Maintaining Work-Life Balance
Joy at Work Sparks Joy in Life


Le livre reste intéressant, mais les recommandations et la méthodologie est bien moins concrète, précise et tester selon moi que la méthodologie appliqué à la maison.

Je l’ai lu essentiellement pour les conseils sur le digital mais cela ne m’a pas totalement fait le même effet et la même rigueur appliquée à la maison.

Cela dit il y a quelques notions intéressantes, et j’ai tout même fait quelques tris importants.

“When considering your many work decisions, follow these simple steps:

  • Forget about the small decisions
  • Sort & organize the medium decisions
  • Reserve your mental energy for the highstakes ones