How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less – Nicholas Boothman

Recommandation : 4/5

Publication : 2000

Pages : 185

How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less: Learn to read body language, synchronise behaviour and make warm, meaningful connections – for all occasions, business, social and personal.

“The “secret” of success is not very hard to figure out. The better you are at connecting with other people, the better the quality of your life.”



Part One: first contact

1. People Power
The Benefits of Connecting
Face to face
Why Likability Works
Why 90 Seconds?

2. First Impressions
The Meeting
An Exercise in Greeting: Firing Energy
Establishing Rapport
What’s Coming Up

Part Two: the 90-second land of rapport

3. “There’s Something About This Person I Really Like!”
Natural Rapport
Rapport by Change
Rapport by Design
Common Ground

4. Attitude Is Everything
A Really Useful Attitude
A Really Useless Attitude
It’s Your Choice
An Exercise in Attitude: Triggering Happy Memories

5. Actions Do Speak Louder than Words
Body Language
Mixed Messages
An Exercise in Congruity
Word vs. Tone

Being Yourself

6. People Like People like Themselves
Natural Synchrony
The Art of Synchronizing
The Bully
Doing What Comes Naturally
An Exercise in Synchrony: In and Out of Sync

Part Three: the secrets of communication

7. It’s Not All Talk – It’s Listening, Too
Stop Talking and Start Asking!
Missed Cues
Active Listening
Give and Take
Talking in Color
An Exercise in Tonality: Sound Effects
Lasting Impressions

8. Making Sense off Our Senses
Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic?
A Self-Test: What’s Your Favorite Sense?
Tuning In to Sensory Preferences
Metaphorically Speaking
Sights and Sounds

9. Spotting Sensory Preferences
Sensory Preference Profiles
TV Giveaways
Pushing for More

Verbal Cues
Eye Cues
An Exercise in Spotting Preferences: Brain Lock


J’aime bien les concepts de communication non verbales et ce livre permets de comprendre facilement et d’y voir un peu plus clair sur ces phénomènes.