Day 1

I am shy about this part but want to put an end to my struggles about my physical health.

It started a while ago. I never had this magnificent body that the western society marketed to us. I wasn’t that bad either.

After 18 at the beginning of my study I wasn’t really in great shape and I thought that it would all work out in engineering school. Then I wasn’t preoccupied by my body much because I did sport.

I wasn’t proud of my body and was ashamed of showing it out at summer at the beach. I did 7 seasons as a sailing instructor for summer job so I acquire this ease of showing my body but in my mind I wasn’t that ok with my body.

Then in 2015/2016 I started to read books and wanting more energy. Maybe I’ve been brained but I started to want a great body. I was able to write a book, and to accomplish some pretty great things in projects (writing a book, black belt karate). Plus I had enough of eating crap and not cook my own food.

The journey really began with being serious about running at the end of 2015 after reading Awaken the giant Within – Tony Robbins.

In November 2016 I read It starts with food and for one month followed the whole 30 program. What astonished me was that I cooked my own meal everyday for this one month. I was into zero waste and reducing my carbon footprint especially with food. It was a great synergy.

I learned how to swim properly and even learned the butterfly, a child dream.

Since then I entered this well known yo-yo phase gaining and dropping as much as 10kg ( kg is international unit).

My “normal” weight was 78kg, and after I started to focus a lot on food and physical stuff I was more about 80/82, and dropping at 76kg even under 74kg, but going back to 82 to 86kg in matter of 10 days…

That was 2017 and 2018.

Now I am back and bought the body you deserve program that I did freely on YouTube before.

I am committed (see commitment article).

And writing my journey publicly is part of how I will finally breakthrough. In programs it is advised to get help from a friend, but it is hard for me to bring this part of my life to friends. Don’t know why but this struggle is big and I have hard time bring my bad part out to friends.

Also maybe that could help you readers.

Now I am in day 10/12 of the program. I will go on with 2 other 7-days programs.

I achieved some great projects and had great experiences applying programs and books so I will do that for an extended period of time (>1 month) to create the best habits I can have.

The body is a fondation and a temple of the mind. I want massive energy for my whole life and I will have it.

See you soon!